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What is Renfter?

Renfter is an uncollateralized NFT renting protocol building a powerful NFT renting infrastructure. It is specifically designed to protect lenders and guarantee the security of their digital assets, while also providing single-day integration whitelabel solutions to NFT projects.

Who does Renfter cater to?

Projects - any Web3 project can use the Renfter protocol to integrate our whitelabel NFT renting solution and enable their users to start generating passive income. Projects can integrate with our ready-to-use technology in one day through our API, SDKs, or by directly calling our smart contracts, saving valuable development time and resources in the process. Lenders - NFT holders can start generating passive income by renting out the NFTs sitting idle in their wallet. Renters - users can simply rent any NFT and take full advantage of its utility at a fraction of the price.

Use cases

Gaming Assets
In-game NFT items or metaverse assets such as weapons, armor, or virtual real estate could be rented out to other players for a specific time, giving them full or partial access.
NFT Domains
NFT domain names can be rented out for a specific time to users looking to build a brand if their desired Web3 domain name has already been purchased.
NFT tickets
NFT tickets can be rented out by lenders to users who were not able to purchase them. Renters can enjoy conferences, concerts, or sports games at a fraction of the cost.
Gated Access
Users looking to access an NFT-gated community chat, forum, or event for a short period of time can rent the NFT instead, and avoid spending a fortune on purchasing it.
IP Rights
Users or companies who want to create a product borrowing content or brand cues from a popular NFT collection, can now rent one or more NFTs pertaining to it for a larger time frame and have the intellectual property rights to do so.
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